Through the completed software packages for tax returns, it guarantees the right data processing of the tax returns so as to have the exact result by dealing with each of the tax returns separately and efficiently and by calculating the taxable income in its right base, in the frames of the tax laws that are in effect each time. The tax payers are informed by the issue of the liquidation note for the amount of money they should pay (or be returned) precisely.

In more detail, you will find in us:

  • Introductions of firms of all legal forms and individual enterprises
  • Accommodation in the establishment of occasional companies that are based in countries with beneficial tax treatment
  • Alterations and conglomerations of companies
  • Initiations - Discontinuations - Terminations - Liquidations - Changes - Conglomerations - Conversations - Splits of companies
  • Authentication of tax books and data
  • Tax subjects for investments of developmental laws
  • Tax returns (natural - legal persons)
  • Edit and submission of tax returns through the TAXIS programme
  • Cleaning of closure of years (consistency), checking's by the Inland revenue Service, TEK, PEK
  • V.A.T (Value Added Tax) statements
  • V.A.T - Liquidation statements
  • Edit and submission of liquidation statements
  • Complete summary lists of customers – suppliers and balances
  • Briefing of the Invertory book
  • Dealing with controls of inland Revenue Service
  • Solution of tax pendencies
  • Reductions and increases of capital stock
  • Procedures of issue, transfer, cancellation, redemption of stocks